Deimos Technology


As Elecnor's technological branch, DEIMOS activity extends beyond Space Systems Engineering. With recognized expertise in control and automation (hardware and software systems integrator, SCADA systems development), technological infrastructures (development and implementation of electronic systems) and systems and networks (development of innovative information systems and applications), DEIMOS works in the following areas:

  • Energy - Systems development for power plants, as control power generation plants, control of electric distribution and transmission, asset management, etc.
  • Environment - Hydrological resources management and environmental protection systems: development of irrigation control and monitoring systems, data management systems for environmental monitoring networks, watershed and groundwater monitoring systems.
  • Telecommunications - Network monitoring and management systems, design and implementation of private data networks and radio solutions, mobile applications.
  • Transports - Automation, control and management systems for facilities, stations and tunnels for rail lines, traveler information systems, traffic management systems, location and positioning systems.
  • Security - Security Integrated Systems, passive detection of hidden objects, license plate recognition and biometric recognition systems.
  • Construction and Buildings - Networks and communication systems, facility control systems.